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Avon Springs was founded & built in 1988 by Barrie John Bawden.

The land was originally meadows and through a strong vision, hard work and dedication Barrie transformed the land into what it is today - he did it for his wife, June who loved to fish for a hobby.

The fishery is now run by Barrie's son, daughter & grandchildren - it's a family-run business & we all get involved!

Today we have many loyal customers, both fishermen and fisherwomen, who thoroughly enjoy coming here to fish and for a lovely day out in this tranquil little corner of the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you to Avon Springs!

What some of our customers say...

David H

"Beautifully laid out.

A hidden gem, like entering a nature reserve.

The vast expanses of water, teaming with wildlife above as well as below the surface."

"Great Lakes and fishing.

A really good and well maintained trout fishery, good hard fighting fish reared on site, nice surroundings well worth a look if you fly fish."

Ian M

"Lovely chalk stream beat in very tranquil setting.

Fly fished here last week (dry fly and nymph).

There are a couple of still water lakes here and a river beat. I fished the river which is beautifully maintained with gin clear water abundant brown trout and the right balance of bank maintenance yet cover for approaching fish stealthily.

Barry, the owner, is really helpful and welcoming. Toilets on site and a cup of tea when you want one. Idyllic and relaxing day working upriver on the beat."

Nigel C

"Smashing location

Well looked after fishing complex. Shallow, clear, chalk bottom lakes with good fish some of which are quite large. Well tended banks with good fishing platforms and seats. The option to fish the Avon if you book through Fishing Breaks. Friendly owners too."

Mike I

"Day out with my son and best mate.

Arrived at 8 30am welcomed by the owner Barry with a big warm smile, the fishery looking in fantastic condition, the banks very flat and safe, the water gin clear, for me one of the best kept fisheries around. As for the fishing absolute brilliant strong good condition fish with my son landing a fine 7lb trout. Had our lunch in a very comfortable picnic area, toilets very clean. Overall a great experience fishing with my son and my mate made even better being at Avon Springs."

Colin M

Steven O

Sam N

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